Bespoke, Stunning & Stylish

Our glassware collections have been carefully selected for their style, shape, balance and ability to compliment fine wine. The selections include the contemporary Ciao range by Leonardo, an elegant gold and platinum etched range; plus a stunning selection of Coloured Water Glassware.

Clear glassware

Ciao by Leonardo

The Ciao range by Leonardo provides a beautifully balanced glass with elegant smooth proportions and is perfect for any occasion.

Platinum Glassware


Stylish and versatile, the Elegance range of crafted glassware is guaranteed to add extra impact to your table settings. Offered in three style choices, Plain, Gold and Platinum etchings, the Elegance range is designed to add individual style.

Coloured Glassware

Coloured Water

Our bespoke collection of stunning, jewel-like coloured water glasses, immediately add a splash of colour to any occasion; designed to add a sense of fun, glamour and individuality to any wedding, drinks party or celebration.

Line etched glassware

Line Etched

Specially commission by couvert, the Line Etched range of crafted glassware is guaranteed to bring a contemporary twist to your table settings. Designed to suit all occasions, pieces are etched for a truly unique and individual style.

Speciality glassware

Speciality by couvert

Designed to enhance and complement your event, our selection of specialist glassware will ensure your party impact. The stunning designs will add a contemporary twist to your table service. From ‘Z Stem Martini’ to ‘Doubled Walled Expresso’, our extensive selection will bring a unique and individual style to your event.